Bronze and copper are the new trend colors

The color trends for 2023 bring a shiny and glamorous era for the frames of chairs , armchairs , benches and tables . Gold, bronze and copper are the main players in this contemporary color palette, giving furniture an extraordinary elegance and sophistication.

Gold - the color of opulence and luxury - dominates the design world and can be found as a shiny frame in a variety of pieces of furniture. Whether as a delicate metal frame on modern dining chairs or as a lavish base for elegant armchairs , gold gives every piece of furniture a royal aura. This warm and captivating color creates a feeling of exclusivity and immediately draws attention without appearing overloaded.

Bronze, a subtle blend of gold and copper, is also an emerging color trend for furniture frames in 2023. With a touch of antiquity, bronze adds a vintage-inspired touch to furniture. From elegant table legs to curved armrests on armchairs, bronze adds a touch of nostalgia to any piece of furniture while exuding timeless elegance.

Copper, with its warm and shimmering tone, is another favorite among color trends for 2023. It is often used in combination with clean lines and modern design to create a striking contrast. Copper frames give the furniture a futuristic feel and create an interesting visual effect. At the same time, copper exudes a cozy atmosphere that makes any room inviting and appealing.

The combination of gold, bronze and copper offers a variety of possibilities for creative furniture designs. Whether in minimalist, modern interiors or in classically elegant rooms - these shiny colors can be seamlessly integrated into any interior and give the furniture a contemporary touch.

The use of gold, bronze and copper in the frames of chairs, armchairs and tables shows that the furniture industry is focusing on luxury and sophistication in 2023. These shiny metallic tones create a stunning aesthetic that will make any design lover's heart beat faster. With these new color trends, every piece of furniture becomes a true work of art and adds a touch of glamour and style to your home.