Leather selection - color palette

Leather is a durable, elegant, flexible, strong and long-lasting material.
We explicitly use buffalo leather for our products. These are durable and robust skins with coarse pores. In contrast to normal cowhide, buffalo leather has a significantly coarser porosity. For this reason, buffalo leather is our favorite for benches, chairs, sofas and armchairs.

For this skin type, ecological dyes penetrate deep into the pores during the coloring process without changing the surface of the skin. Its structure remains unchanged. This is precisely why there can sometimes be color differences.


derstuhl.at Buffalo leather vintage goldderstuhl.at Buffalo leather Vintage Black

derstuhl.at Buffalo leather Vintage Bluederstuhl.at Buffalo Leather Vintage Brick
derstuhl.at Buffalo Leather Vintage Chesnutderstuhl.at Buffalo leather vintage cognac
derstuhl.at Buffalo Leather Vintage Dark Brownderstuhl.at Buffalo leather Vintage Green
derstuhl.at Buffalo Leather Vintage Light Brownderstuhl.at Buffalo Leather Vintage Red
derstuhl.at Buffalo Leather Vintage Silverderstuhl.at Buffalo leather Vintage Yellow
Oak - type of wood
Oak wood is relatively heavy, the dry density is 670 kg/m³, and hard (Brinell hardness 34 N/mm²). Special growing areas such as Spessart, Slavonian, Allie or French oak, Polish and Weinviertel oak are often associated with special properties.
Oak is one of the most valuable domestic timbers for furniture construction, interior design as well as for windows and doors, stairs, railings and paneling, especially outdoors, and for special purposes in civil engineering. Often dependent on fashion, oak remains the first choice for solid furniture. A significant proportion is used to produce parquet wood. Traditionally, oak is used for barrel staves and its use for barrique barrels is a privilege, with special areas of origin being preferred.
derstuhl.at Oak Bestwood grayderstuhl.at Oak Black
derstuhl.at Oak Carbonderstuhl.at Oak Dark Brown
derstuhl.at Oak Natural Oilderstuhl.at Oak Old Bassano
derstuhl.at Oak Pole grayderstuhl.at Oak Weathered Oak
derstuhl.at Oak White Wash